Magnet affiliate | Fishing Magnet affiliation program

Sell this magnets on affiliate basis.

Are you someone who is active in an association, an adept of the internet who can sell everything on the net, a magnet fisher with a lot of friend or you want to earn some money in a simple way by selling this magnets on an affiliate basis. Than we are good company for you. You can subscribe on our affiliate program and then you can sell every product we offer in our web shop. As a reward we can grant you a 20-percent-commission. By adding text-link ads and banners on your website or another channel all visitors that visit our website thanks to you will be counted. When 1 of this visitors places an order than you will receive an amount; that is to say 20% of the total amount. You can subscribe on the website as a company or a private individual!

Drop shipping of magnets

You want to buy yourself magnets to sell or for example to rebuild or to resell, than also this is possible at a very favourable offer. Please contact us by using this contact form and let us know which magnets and how many you need. Than we will make an customized offer